Goole Model Boat Club



A new river tug from bob Fowler

This model started out destined to be a Russian/Japanese type MTB, but spotted by Darran Newman at the CADMA show in 2016 he had other ideas. So with the help of fellow builder Pete Shipley it was transformed into something different.

Another new scratch build from me, Daz

This one is based on the Humber Workboat Rebecca M which when not working can be found moored at goole. The model has an unusual drive system, using two car wiper motors for the twin drives on 24v, and to give it that extra bit of manoverabillity there are two angled drives at the bow as side thrusters. with the crane on deck i think it is coming along nicely.

One of Darran Newmans extra long models, Barge H ploughing its way across the pond.