Goole Model Boat Club


A much needed update to bring this section back in the light.

Here we have the latest from Geoff Hudson , this airboat looks great on the table but once in the water it is (i am told) something else.

Scratch built it is agile on the pond.

Its no surprise that many of the subjects in this section are Darran Newman creations, here’s the first an Articulated Springer

Here’s another of Darran’s polystyrene creations, it was pretty fast but fortunately never reached take off speed as it had no flying controls

And here’s another of Darran’s variations on the Springer theme with the motor mounted in a bottle keel.

This model runs on 24v giving it an impressive bollard pull , and also has an elevating wheelhouse driven by a geared motor and threaded bar.

This time a much more conventional Springer built by Nick Ratcliffe. It looks like the kettles on in the wheelhouse but no one’s home.

Elizabeth Jones’s Springer tug, Onion Barge E

Darran Newman’ s well used Springer Bucket and Scarper, which is also a buoy mover.

Another variation on the Springer theme but unfortunately I dont know who owns this one.

Finally another of Darran Newman’s weird and wonderful polystyrene creations, but unfortunately not one of his best performing models as it has been recycled .