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After been on the “models under construction” page for long enough Geoff Hudson’s TID is finally finished.

<p?Geoff Hudson’s latest model of TID 54 started after Geoff saw an earlier TID Tug scratch built by GMBC member Peter Shipley. As Peter builds great hulls and superstructure Geoff was continually asking Peter if he would undertake the build for his boat but Peter was reluctant having built the same model earlier, however the time came when Peter had no project to do and agreed to build the boat.

The boat was totally scratch built from wood with Peter also making and fitting the rudder and installing the propeller with Geoff deciding the colour scheme, other GMBC members also contributed with Ray Sabiston making the windlass and Bob Mason-Pit making the fenders and turning a basic ships telegraph (shaped and finished by Geoff), the remainder of the fitting out was completed by Geoff. Lighting is by LED bright White diodes of 3.3V, wishing to avoid using resisters the LED’s were the configured in several parallel circuits of series pairs which suited a 6.6V LiFe battery supply.

For ballasting the boat four open top plastic boxes were constructed to fit between forward and aft bulkheads both port and starboard. The boxes were coated on the inside with Z-Poxy for added strength and a layer of lead shot was added while the Z-Poxy was still fluid.

Tthe remainder of the shot was then added to ballast and balance the boat in the bath, once achieved the boxes were removed and topped up with body filler

Note:-the boat was originally to be named T.I.D. 51 (a theme that runs across many of Geoff’s boats) but on investigation Geoff found that T.I.D. 51 sank on its maiden voyage, therefore after research the number was changed to T.I.D. 54 a boat that was later renamed Biddick, however Geoff decided to display both name and number on the boat and is delighted with the finished model