Goole Model Boat Club

Members at work and play

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Ted enjoying a bit of cake before a bit of sailing.

28-12-2016Hewe we can see a die-hard member (Geoff Hudson) braving what ice was there for an afternoon on the water.


A couple of new photos from the other week showing Geoff Hudsons “Castanet” and the latest from Ray Sabiston in the harbour, as well at more boats enjoying the weather.


Another slow update but an update is still an update.

Our working lighthouse developed a fault (it wouldnt turn around) so Bob Fowler jumped to the challenge and donned the clubs waiders and made his way into the water to deal with the issue, now we are not saying Bob is vertically challenged but i am sure the pond is not that deep.

So well done Bob, and are you available to do the same again when we fit the rechargable battery back in.


Wow has it been that long since i updated this section, well 2+ years have passed so best show you some od what we have been doing.
One of our members Peter Shipley who built a MTB wanted some photos of his boat in action, and of course i obliged and was given a soaking with the wash, cheers Pete.

Still vave to compete with the yachts for space.

Coming in for a fast run.

And a few seconds later i would feel the wash as Pete made the turn, thank you Peter.


Spring has finally arived , although last week you wouldnt have thought so . But today the sun came out and so did the boats , we had a number of yachts on the water but they found it hard with the gusting wind knocking them about , so it was time for the springers, MTBs, pilot boats and fast electrics.

The warm weather has also sparked the growth of the grass , and with the mowers now serviced and ready for action (thanks going to Teds son Mathew) , work will also be starting on tidying up the site with painting of the doors and other areas of the site.


Welcome to a new year , which started quite well , bit it was not long before the ice and snow came with avengance. But this did not stop members enjoying the ice and snow , attempts were made to break up the ice but it froze over fast, so Geoff Hudson came with his RC buggy and became all artistic.


The first of the month was a cold one with ice on the pond , but this did not deter the yachties from having a go once the ice had been broken and my tug had pushed it with the help of the wind away ,leaving an area big enough for an informal race.

I was also down pond side mid week to find members having a sail, with the pond now clear of ice but a stiff breeze blowing.

This was great for the yachties, But unfortunately Ray Wright noticed that one of his crew had gone overboard ,and had spotted it drifting in to shore. Just as he was about to recover it , the little feller decided to dive to the bottom and of course Ray not wanting to loose it stuck his hand in not realising just how cold the water was.

We are not sure if the recovery opperation was a success but Ray now knows just how cold the water is.