Goole Model Boat Club

Models Under Construction

Rather than fill this page up with boat’s that i am building , i thought i would show what our members are building at home .


A further update on Geoff Hudson’s TID build, the lighting is now installed and the electrics are fitted, radio esc etc. also balast boxes have been fitted and filled with lead shot and sealed in with body filler.

Also fenders have been fitted fore and aft, he is still awaiting tyres and lettering which have been ordered


A further update on the TID tug build, lights have now been fitted and are looking good.

Lighting test complete, wiring is by 2 led’s in series X three parallel circuits powered by 1 6.6v/1100 mah LiFe battery (no resistors). The sixth led is below decks giving light through six midship’s portholes. he is just waiting for the appropriate switcher, next will be main power instalation, balasting and fenders/ropes etc.